Our mission

Rentirium is an open market e-commerce platform for rentals. Although the concept of renting is not something new, transforming this industry online has a huge upscale potential with limitless benefits for the everyday consumer.

How Rentirium works is that it acts as the middleman agent offering to consumers a place where they can book an item for renting.

Rentirium truly is for everyone by anyone.

Our values

Our mission is to create an online marketplace which will be the first thought to come in the customers mind when found in need of a rental. Either specific or not. Our vision is to follow the e-commerce conglomerates and do this to the renting industry.

We take a traditional practise and transform it online by creating a rental marketplace. We want to become the main hub for our customers to exchange their items.


Kyriakos Christofi

Christoforos Pantazi

Stefanos Kyriakou